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I Live At This Place And I Like It

Racy's is more than a local coffee shop, it's an institution. Once a favorite for local artists, musicians, and college students, the legend has grown to encompass a truly unique Eau Claire experience.



Racy's has been around for more than three decades with one goal in mind: Make a strong cup of coffee. There was a time when the air was thick with cigarette smoke and you could jump in on a game of Trivial Pursuit with some strangers at the table next to you. As the community grew, so did the coffee shop. Now Racy's has more than just a solid cup o' Joe, offering some of the most delicious specialty coffee beverages, savory sandwiches, and tasty treats. Open early for the morning crowd, open late for the late crowd, open all day, seven days a week for everyone in between.

An Important Message from Racy's:

As an organization, Pablo Group seeks to provide value to our community through Experiences, Entrepreneurship, Urban Living, and Real Estate. The Covid-19 Pandemic and its aftermath offered an invaluable perspective to review and evaluate the state of those endeavors. Each pillar has been uniquely impacted since the onset of the pandemic.
Pablo Group’s Experiences pillar is a collection of hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, and bars throughout Eau Claire. As we reflected on the compensation model, we came to the conclusion that we can and will do better. Since implementation in June 2021, every employee within Pablo Group is making a livable wage and eligible for 401k, and those working more than 20 hours per week are offered benefits, including healthcare and paid parental leave. Our prices are inclusive of our pay structure and benefits.
The hospitality and service industries are particularly susceptible to income instability. Our pay and benefit structure aims to help reduce the economic exposure and risk to those workers. It is Pablo Group’s hope that our new structure improves the wage stability and creates better working conditions for employees throughout our organization.

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